International Engineering Contracting

Over the past 60 years, with the development of China-aided projects, COMPLANT has grown, expanded and successfully executed more than 1600 projects in more than 100 countries and regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The main core business of COMPLANT covers complete equipment export, foreign contract project, oversea investments and general trade. Utilizing fully the advantage in its brand image, COMPLANT is actively participating in international market competition, keeping a stable business development and a good posture of business situation. COMPLANT keeps a rich business network and stable market resources throughout the third world countries, and has affiliates in Asia,Africa,Latin America and other regions.

In recent years, COMPLANT has executed the Bangladesh DAP-1 Project, the Bangladesh Shahjalal Fertilizer Plant Project, the Ethiopia Ken Sugar Refinery Project, OMO2 Sugar Refinery Project, OMO3 Sugar Refinery Project and other Foreign Engineering Contracting Projects. The Bangladesh DAP-1 Project and the Bangladesh Shahjalal Fertilizer Plant Project were proudly awarded with the Luban Chinese Construction Engineering Prize (Foreign Engineering Project). The Ethiopia Ken Sugar Refinery Project has been paid close attention to and well praised by the Owner and local government for its “Chinese Speed”. The Togo Aniye Sugar Joint Venture, operated under COMPLANT, has maintained a stable operation with good benefit. The import and export trade business of COMPLANT keeps a steady growth.

The Shahjalal Fertilizer Plant in Bangladesh

 OMO2 Sugar Plant Project

                     The Ethiopia Ken Sugar Plant Project  

            The Bangladesh DAP-1 Project
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