Inauguration Ceremony held for the Reconstruction of the Stadium Stands of Mbour and Fatick Project

日期: 2013-06-23


A grand Inauguration Ceremony was held on June 23th, 2013 for the Reconstruction of the Stadium Stands of Mbour and Fatick Project undertook by COMPLANT. Mr. Abdoul Mbaye, the Prime Minister of Senegal, Mr. Mback, the Minister of Sports, and the Mayer of Mbour presented the ceremony, and delivered passionate speeches. Mr. Xia Huang, the Chinese Ambassador to Senegal, also presented the ceremony and delivered speech.

Mr. Mbaye remarked that the completion of this stadium is again a great project aided by China that is very much welcomed by the people of Senegal (the other one is the Senegal National Theater project aided by China), since this stadium provides with the local citizens an ideal place to carry out sports activities; and he expressed gratitude towards the selfless help and sincere friendship from Chinese government. The Minister of Sports of Senegal also thanked Chinese government for the great help provided in increasing the overall physic health of the people of Senegal, saying that he deeply felt the spirit of diligent working of our Chinese technicians, and the friendship towards the local people, and that kind of friendship was deeply rooted among the two peoples, and thus unbreakable.

Ambassador Xia Huang also expressed thanks to the President, the Prime Minister, and the government of Senegal for their attention on Chinese aided projects and their cooperation and support to the construction of the Stadium; he hoped that the Stadium could play an active role in the sports cause of Senegal and in strengthening the friendship between China and Senegal.

President Mbaye and Ambassador Xia Huang cut the ribbon for the inauguration ceremony, and watched the first football match in the stadium: Chinese team vs Senegal team.

More than 90 representatives from embassies, government departments and Chinese agencies were invited to attend the ceremony, and thousands of Mbour citizens watched the ceremony and the football match. Major local Medias interviewed and reported this grand ceremony.

The Reconstruction of the Stadium Stands of Mbour and Fatick Project was commenced in August of 2012, completed on April 10th, 2013, and smoothly delivered to the owner in June 19th, 2013.
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