Chairman of COMPLANT Accompanied Myanmar Delegation Visiting Beijiang Power Plant

日期: 2013-10-18


Mr. U Maung Maung Thein, General Secretary of Myanmar Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), leading a ten-people delegation visited Beijiang Power Plant in Tianjin, accompanied by Mr. Liu Xueyi, President Assistant of 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 and Chairman of COMPLANT Group concurrently.

During the visit, the delegation carefully observed the plant construction, operation and management, and showed keen interest in the circular economy model of multiple utilization. In the following meeting, Mr. U Maung Maung Thein expressed that Myanmar is now coming into a vital stage of reform and economic take-off. However, the incomplete infrastructure, especially the severe insufficient electricity supply is the bottleneck impeding the development. As the ruling party, USDP is devoted itself to Myanmar economic development and national welfare, thus, it will make great efforts to promote further Myanmar-Sino cooperation in various fields, and cooperate with corporations like 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司.

Mr. U Taemin, who is a member of the delegation as well as Chairman of Investment Committee of Myanmar Parliament and Chairman of YUZANA, stated that during his last visit to China earlier this year, he and Mr. Wang Huisheng, Chairman of 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司, reached a pleasant consensus on further mutual cooperation. YUZANA has established a good relationship with COMPLANT Yunnan Company in Myanmar market in recent years, and hopefully, the cooperation could be deepened and broadened to realize mutual benefits, becoming a demonstration on successful Myanmar-Sino enterprise cooperation.

On behalf of 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 and Chairman Wang Huisheng, Mr. Liu extended his warm welcome to the delegation for visiting Beijiang Power Plant under 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司. He told the delegation that 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 has been attaching great importance to Myanmar market and been actively promoting business development in Myanmar. 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 is willing to explore opportunities for cooperation in the relevant field. COMPLANT, as 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司’s platform for foreign cooperation, has played a vital role in aiding Myanmar in its economic development, and established a good economic relationships with Myanmar authorities. In the future, COMPLANT will constantly play its role in Myanmar economic development.

Mr. U Maung Maung Thein visited China at the invitation of CPC Central Committee. During his stay, he visited Mr Wang Jiarui, Vice Chairman of CPPCC and Head of International Liason Department of the Central Committee of the CPC concurrently, Mr. Liu Yunshan, member of Politburo Standing Committee. The delegation went to Guangzhou, Chengdu and Beijing during the visit.
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