COMPLANT 2013 Strategic Development Seminar Held in Beijing

日期: 2013-10-30


COMPLANT 2013 Strategic Development Seminar was held in Beijing from Oct.30 to Nov. 1 (totally 3 days). Totally 113 officials from above middle management attended to the Seminar. Focusing on the theme “All-round Development and Management Innovation”, attendees made theme lectures, received training, exchanged experiences and made free discussions. 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 gave great attentions to COMPLANT’s Seminar. Mr. Wang Huisheng, Secretary of 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司’s Party Committee and Chairman of 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司, attended to the Summary Session of the Seminar.

At the Seminar, Chairman Liu Xueyi delivered an important address, requiring all attendees to unify minds, define directions, strengthen exchanges and mutual studies and improve work efficiency. Members of COMPALNT’s leadership participate in grouped discussions, and made deep discussions with attendees on development programming and major subjects for each business sectors. The Seminar defined the overall strategic plan for COMPLANT, proposing Six Major Strategies, specifying Development Goals and discussing on Functions Strategic Plan.

At the Summary Session, President Gu Haitao made summaries on achievements of the Seminar, and presented initial plans for major jobs of the coming year. Mr. Wang Huisheng, Chairman of 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司, delivered an important speech, speaking highly of results of the Seminar and putting out six requirements for COMPLANT’s future development. And Chairman Wang finally pledged to offer continued help and supports for COMPLANT’s development and making COMPLANT an international investment and cooperation platform for 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司.

Attendees to the Summary Session also included Mr. Wang Yijun, Secretary of 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 Board of Directors, and senior officials of 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司’s Strategic Development Dept and International Business Dept.
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