The Managing Executives of COMPLANT GROUP meet with the General Manager of Ethiopia Sugar Company

日期: 2013-10-30


Chairman Liu Xueyi and President Gu Haitao met with Mr. ABAY, the General Manager of Ethiopia Sugar Company, and his wife, in COMPLANT GROUP’s headquarter.

Mr. Liu extended a warm welcome to Mr. ABAY, and introduced to him the progress COMPLANT made last six months on the Sugar Plant project. In the mean time, Mr. Liu also proposed to set up a regular meeting schedule with Mr. ABAY in order to ensure a smoother progress on this project.

Mr. ABAY thanked our hospitality, and expressed highly appreciation to the efforts COMLANT has made for a successful signing of the loan agreements on OMO2 and OMO3 projects. According to Mr. ABAY, the Sugar Company is making proactive preparation on the relevant basic infrastructure construction such as road, and he hopes that COMPLANT could also be well prepared, and makes project plans as early as possible after the signing of loan agreement.For the OMO4 project, Mr. ABAY suggested to make investment together with COMPLANT, and construct the project by two stages. Both parties exchanged ideas on the investment of OMO4, agreeing to continue the discussion while focusing more on projects of KESEM, OMO2, and OMO3.

Mr. Zhang Hui, the General Manager, and Mr. Ma Maoxian, the CFO of COMPLANT Limited also attended the meeting.
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