Chairman Liu Xueyi and President Gu Haitao Meet Delegation Led by Financial Minister of Jamaica

日期: 2013-12-19


Chairman Liu, President Gu and Vice President Han met , in the COMPLANT Mansion, a delegation led by Mr. Phillips, Financial Minister of Jamaica at 11 A.M. on Dec. 19, 2013.

Chairman Liu welcomed Mr. Minister. He expressed gratitude for his supports in COMPLANT’s housing and sugar plants projects in Jamaica for all these years. He also expressed that, after returning from his latest visit to Jamaica, he had already directed relative departments to make detailed studies on reconstruction of the sugar plants and the housing projects. These departments were also directed to make special analysis on the project lists offered by Mr. Minister, trying to prepare ourselves for the future.

Mr. Phillips spoke highly of the long-term and close relationship between COMPLANT and Jamaica. He said, as the pilot in strategic cooperation between China and Jamaica, COMPLANT has successfully implemented several major projects, laying down sound grounds for future cooperation. It is Jamaica’s hope that a commercial and investment cooperation platform could be set up through mutual efforts. It is also hoped that major projects could start up as soon as possible through flexible financing methods and overcoming problems such as Jamaica’s over debts and difficult guarantees by Jamaica’s government. The government of Jamaica will offer to COMPLANT great supports and help.

Chairman Liu introduced progresses and financing of the projects COMPLANT is carrying out and tracking, and he hoped that Jamaica may assign some of EPC projects to COMPLANT. Mr. Financial Minister showed great interest in Mr. Liu’s introduction, and hoped that projects concerned could start up as soon as possible. He made a vivid metaphor, comparing COMPLANT as a key to promote development of Jamaica’s economy.

Attendees to the meeting included Mr. Thomas, Jamaica’s Ambassador to China and Ms. Bell, the Attache, as well as relative personnel from COMPLANT’s relative departments and COMPLANT Sugar.

It is also told that during his visit to China, Jamaica’s Financial Minister led top officials of Jamaica’s financial circle including Head of Jamaican Bank and Director GM of Jamaica Development Bank to make contacts and exchanges with China’s financial organizations, including China Development Bank, the Export-Import Bank of China, SINOSURE and ICBC.
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