President Feng Shidong Called on Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen

日期: 2015-10-22


On Oct.16th, President of 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 Feng Shidong called on Cambodian Prime Minster Hun Sen, who was in Beijing for the Asian Political Parties' Special Conference on the Silk Road. The two sides carried out warm discussion on potential cooperation on projects in Cambodia. Accompanying President Feng Shidong were vice-President of 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 Li Bing, Chairman Liu Xueyi, as well as President Gu Haitao, General Manager Zhang Hui, etc. Members of Cambodian delegation were Cambodian Ambassador to China, Secretary of State of Cambodian Fiance Ministry, and President of Royal Group Mr. Neak Oknha Kith Meng, etc.

President Feng Shidong extended gratitude to Prime Minister Hun Sen for his appreciation and support to the 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 projects in Cambodia and briefed the Cambodian side on the latest development of on-going projects of COMPLANT since the APEC meeting last year. He said that currently 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 was ready to participate in the Belt & Road Initiative put forward by the Chinese government. The long history of friendship between China and Cambodia strengthens 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司’s confidence to develop into Cambodian market. 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 Group was willing to conduct in-depth and extensive cooperation with the Cambodian side and play a positive role in the economic construction of Cambodia in order to promote the substantial progress on the projects. He also hoped that Cambodian Prime Minister and Cambodian government would give support and assistance to 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 projects as always.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen delightfully expressed that he was glad to meet President Feng Shidong again in Beijing. He said that Cambodia was in the critical period for its development. The Cambodian government valued the cooperation with 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 and welcomed 广东厦安建设工程有限公司东莞分公司 to invest in Cambodia. The projects currently under discussion were significant to the national economy and people’s livelihood of Cambodia. The Cambodian government would strongly support all these projects, which were in consistent with the Belt&Road policy initiated by China currently. He was deeply in the hope that the projects between two sides could be started earlier and serve for the economic construction in Cambodia.
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