COMPLANT held a series of International Women’s Day Caring Activities

日期: 2014-03-08


With the upcoming of March 8th International Working Women’ s Day, COMPLANT held a series of colorful activities to express its best regards to its female employees, including special greetings, health seminar, working women style display, etc.

In the early spring morning sunlight of March 6, Mr. Han Hong, Vice president of COMPLANT Group and Chairman of COMPLANT Group Labour union, was waiting in the hall of COMPLANT Mansion to give female employees a festival surprise on behalf of Management as a way to express the Company’s best regards to them, and to thank them for their efforts and contributions to the operation and development of the Company over the past year. This special greeting officially kicked off a series of International Women’s Day Caring Activities organized by the Company for the celebration of this special day.

The Company also invited an expert from China Association for Mental Health to hold a Health Seminar for female employees as a way to care for their physical and psychological health. The expert talked about mood control and management from the psychological point of view, interacted with attendees and used examples to teach them how to alleviate stress from work and daily life through listening to music and drawing. The purpose of this seminar is to raise the awareness of physical and psychological health among female employees and teach them how to make self-adjustment to cope with certain situations.

At the same time, the article namedBusiness Attire for Women: Showing Character and Stylepublished in the “Details that make COMPLANT” Column on the Company’s intranet has made a hot topic among employees. Photos of COMPLANT female employees wearing business attire became a vivid demonstration of their charisma and good spirit, which brought about a positive and energetic cultural atmosphere.

The series of International Women’s day Caring Activities, through simple but cozy gestures such as greetings at the hall and little surprises, brought to all female employees the care and best regards from the Company and made them feel the joy of this festival.

Wish all female employees a happy International Women’s Day.
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