COMPLANT OMO-KURAZ 2 Sugar Project Launch “Hundred Days Work” movement

日期: 2016-07-01


To promote the implementation of OMO-KURAZ 2 Sugar Factory Project, since May 12, OMO 2 Site Management Office launched a “Hundred Days Work” Movement in the site.

The site office defined and refined detailed target, and optimized allocation of manpower, material and machinery on each working face. At the same time, site office paid great attention to the coordination between different sub-contractor and enhanced safety, quality and finished product management. Project safety committee strengthened management and training on temporary electricity utilization, protection on aloft work, and protection on falling objects. And on June, a safety drill was conducted to ensure the safety construction. Site quality and technical management team strengthened the pre-control and process monitoring, and conduct seminar on specific sub-projects. For the key process control points, detailed construction technical disclosure was conducted to workers before implementation and quality engineers followed every detailed assignment to make sure the quality of the project satisfy related standards and acceptance specifications.

During this “Hundred Days Work” Event, Mr. Gu Haitao, General Manager of COMPLANT Group, visited OMO2 site. He encouraged the site staff and given credit for the project progress, and also given suggestions to the site management.
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