OMO3 Sugar Factory Constructed by COMPLANT Successfully Reached Completion and Production of Sugar

日期: 2018-10-25


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed(the second one on the left), Eritrean president Isaisa Afeworki (the second one on the right), and former prime minister of Ethiopia, Haile Mariam (the one in the middle) cut the ribbon at the ceremony

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed delivering speech in the ceremony

Eritrean president Isaisa Afeworki delivering speech in the ceremony

On October 14, 2018, a magnificent completion and production ceremony was held in Ethiopia OMO3 sugar factory which is constructed by COMPLANT through EPC modality. The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Doctor Abiy Ahmed, President of Eritrea, Mr Isaisa Afeworki, former President of Ethiopia, Mr Haile Mariam and CEO of Ethiopian Sugar Corporation, Mr Endawek Abite, together with Ministers of Ethiopian government attended the ceremony. The delegation of China Development Bank, Qinghai Branch in Ethiopia, and more than two thousand people who participated in project construction witnessed the exciting moment of Completion and Production ceremony together.

“The completion of OMO3 sugar factory made the dream of Ethiopian people into reality, the daily average sugar produced would reach 800 to 1000 tons when OMO3 sugar factory was put into production, this was the best opportunity for the regional development of OMO river valley”, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed indicated in his speech during ceremony, In the meantime, Prime Minister spoke highly of OMO3 project’s completion and production as schedule, and he also expressed his sincere gratitude to the EPC Project Contractor of COMPLANT and all the Chinese personnel who participated in the construction of the project.

“The successful completion of OMO3 sugar factory taught us that everyone could release the potential and it also broadened our horizon”, Eritrean president Mr Isaisa Afeworki said at the ceremony and he highly praised the construction speed and quality of OMO3 project.

After the ceremony, CEO of Ethiopian Sugar Corporation led guests to visit all the workshops of OMO3 sugar factory which were put into operation.

At local time of 12:20, October 20, 2018, all the systems of OMO3 sugar factory including the self-equipped power station were put into functioning, the white sugar production line was fully connected and successfully produced high-quality white sugar without any stop. Moreover, quality of the first tank of white sugar has already reached Chinse level-two sugar standard.
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